It’s been a great weekend with amazing weather! Yesterday I watched my sister’s semi final in netball, had my hair done, went mini golfing, went to Lonestar for lunch and a few wines (which by the way went straight to my head & I felt super tired the rest of the afternoon, thankfully after that we went home for an early evening nap! haha! Today I have done heaps of housework! Changed and washed sheets, done several loads of laundry (yay for sunshine to actually be able to dry clothes!) put several loads away, tidied drawers, cleaned bathroom, cleaned car! I’ve just stopped for some peaches & a wee rest and will go for a walk shortly! :) 

#weekend activities #hair #food #wine #housework #sunshine
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  1. amourchloe said: I feel exhausted reading all of that lol. Yay!
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